Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, and that is why we adhere to strict privacy policies on Mr. Online Lotto. Below you will find all the information and policies that apply to anyone who uses our site or services, as well as the rights and requirements of the site itself.

All Mr. Online Lotto practices conform to the privacy laws of the British governing laws, and the website ensures that all personal data that collected is saved with the highest security features available.


Cookies Policy

As with all websites online, Mr. Online Lotto uses cookies in order to maximise the convenience and ease of use of our users. Cookies provide a more tailored experience for users, customising the experience according to the user’s behaviours. First time website visitors have the choice to allow or disallow cookies to be saved on their devices. By allowing cookies, users give Mr. Online Lotto consent to store this information on their devices as per legislative requirements. Users can control cookies permissions via their computer’s hard drive settings.

Our site uses Google Analytics to manage these cookies, and users can review the full privacy policy directly from Google for all the necessary details. Cookies stored, whether directly by Mr. Online Lotto or via a third party site, referral, advert, or sponsored link, will not store your personal information.


Contact & Site Usage

Users are entitled to utilise the Mr. Online Lotto site and services at their own discretion. According to the Data Protection Act of 1998, Mr. Online Lotto stores and discards your personal information privately and securely to ensure your utmost safety. Any information given via the website is done so at the sole discretion and risk of the user.

While your details are not shared with third parties, the site reserves the right to sign users up for email listings with their express interest and consent.


Email Subscription

Mr. Online Lotto publishes an email program that sends out emails to subscribers who have signed up for the emails. These emails contain promotional content, deals, discounts, and information concerning the site and comply with the UK Spam Laws that are regulated by the greater Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003.

Subscribers are entitled to subscribe or opt out of these emails at anytime by clicking on the link provided at the footer of each email received. Some campaigns may contain tracking information to better the user experience. Tracked activity may include but is not limited to email opening, forwarding, link clicks, frequency of visits, times, and dates.


External Links & Adverts

Mr. Online Lotto attempts to provide the highest quality experience for all of our users. This includes providing positive experiences through the external links found on our site. Clicking on any external links is done so at the user’s sole responsibility and risk. We cannot guarantee the security or veracity of any sites, even those found on our site, and users should proceed to any external site with caution.

Advertisements found on our website contain their own privacy policies and regulations. Users click on adverts and follow through to external sites at their sole risk, and Mr. Online Lotto is not held responsible for any activities or responses that occur from visiting these other sites including saved cookies and other privacy policies.


Social Media Platforms

Any activities or communications the website participates in via social media platforms are subject to the respective policies, terms, and conditions of the specific platform in question. Users are encouraged to practice caution and use discretion when using any social media platforms, and especially when giving out personal information to social media sites. Any tracking and data collection and saving done by these social media platforms are done according to their respective policies.

Users are advised to proceed with caution when clicking on links via these social media platforms. Frequently links are shortened on these channels, and users should practice smart surfing by ensuring that the links being clicked on are leading to legitimate and safe landing pages. Mr. Online Lotto is not held liable for any damages or implications incurred by clicking on external links.