Responsible Gambling

Gambling is meant to be a fun and relaxing activity. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can turn bad quickly, which is why Mr. Online Lotto holds to responsible gambling practices. Our services as well as all of the sites we work with adhere to these responsible gambling policies to protect and provide a safe gaming experience for all of our users.

Responsible gambling practices that we support include:

  • Allowing users to set limits as to how much they spend
  • Monitor and limit the amount of time spent on the site

When players pay attention to how often they are playing and how much of a budget they are using, gambling maintains its fun and easygoing nature. Remember that gambling is a recreational sport and is not meant to make you your fortune. Bear this in mind when playing, and you stand a much better chance of gambling responsibly and having fun while doing so.

Compulsive gambling is a problem that you can get help to overcome. If you feel like your gambling has gotten out of control, talk to someone who cares. Friends, family members, and co-workers can help you through this rough situation, and so can services such as Gamcare and Gamblers Anonymous. You are not alone.