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SuperLotto Plus Review

SuperLotto Plus is a lotto that offers players good odds and nice size prizes. Originally started in 1984, the name SuperLotto Plus was coined in 2000, which means this internationally acclaimed lottery has been around for a long time making players happy.



5 / 47

1 bonus number

Take a look at the rules for a quick rundown on what you should do to get started playing SuperLotto Plus:


  • 1First choose a reliable online lotto ticket distributor. Use our recommended listings and choose from a number of reputable messenger services that will ensure your safety as well as your fun.
  • 2Select five numbers, ranging from 1 to 47, as your lotto ticket card numbers.
  • 3You’ll also be asked to choose a lucky number, known as a Mega Bonus Ball Number, from 1 to 27.
  • 4Drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday, with numbers being selected from two drums (one for the five standard game numbers and another one for the Mega Bonus Ball Number).


Because you only have to choose five numbers, your odds are automatically greater when playing SuperLotto Plus compared to other lotteries that require you to guess six or seven numbers in order to win.

SuperLotto Plus is a lottery game based out of California. But even players who are not residents of the US or who are living in other areas of the world can take part in the huge lotto jackpots that are offered by playing online lotto games by using online lotto agencies. So click through to see all of your options, and experience the thrill of playing tremendous international lotto jackpot games from wherever you are, whenever you want.

$7 million


The SuperLotto Plus lotto jackpot is always at least $7 million, and the prize money rolls over if no winner steps forward. That means the winning amount keeps climbing until some lucky player (or players) strikes it big. Payments are made in one of two ways:


  • 1Players can opt for one lump sum at the time of the drawing. This will amount to about 50% of the actual lotto jackpot prize.
  • 2Or players can go for a 26-year annual payment plan with percentages paid out staggered over these years.


The record jackpot won from a SuperLotto Plus lotto ticket holder was $193 million back in 2000. The sum was divided by the three happy players who won the jackpot.

The odds of winning the major SuperLotto Plus lotto jackpot are about 1 in 41,416,353. High, but the chances of winning smaller prizes is considerably better. Hitting any prize at all is a 1 in 49 chance, great odds for your average lottery game.

Something really cool and unique about the SuperLotto Plus lotto game is that you can win even if you only guess one number! Players who get the Mega Ball Bonus Number correct will also win a prize. That increases the overall odds of winning any prize exponentially, and the better the odds of an online lotto game, the more thrilling it is to play!

Good odds
Easy wins, lots of tiers
High base jackpot
Jackpot roll over