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Super Enalotto Review

SuperEnalotto is an Italian lotto game that has been around for nearly twenty years. Drawings are held three times a week – every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – and an average ticket will cost you just €1.



6 / 90

1 bonus number

SuperEnalotto is a fun online lotto game that is easy to play. Here are the rules of play:


  • 1Players select six numbers out of a pool of 90 for any given ticket line they purchase.
  • 2SuperEnalotto tickets come with two lines automatically, but players can purchase more lines/tickets if they prefer to increase the odds of their winning.
  • 3Seven numbers are drawn, so you have greater chances of winning since you only pick six but they draw seven from the original 90 balls available.
  • 4The seven numbers drawn will combine to form the various prize tiers that SuperEnalotto gives out.
  • 5Players can also choose an additional number called the SuperStar to increase their odds of winning and make the game even more exciting. This is an additional game that will increase your winnings if you have already won a jackpot or gives players another shot at winning a prize. The SuperStar number is drawn from the same 90 digits as the original SuperEnalotto game. SuperStar games are at an additional cost to players, not included in the €1 for the lottery ticket. This is also known as the Jolly Number since it increases the amount of a prize and makes you…jolly!


The most exciting part of this drawing is that if no winner is claimed, the jackpot rolls over to the next drawing. This happens again and again until a winner claims the prize. Winners have 90 days from the time of the drawing to claim their prizes.

SuperEnalotto tickets are sold regularly over the counter in Italy. If you don’t live in Milan and aren’t planning a trip to this beautiful country, you can still enjoy the fun and excitement of a SuperEnalotto game thanks to online lotto agencies. Simply select one of the reputable online distributors or messenger services, fill in your lucky numbers, and they’ll take care of the rest. You get all the thrilling excitement of this international lottery ticket game from wherever you are in the world. And all in just a few clicks.

€177 million

Record Jackpot

The SuperEnalotto jackpot amount fluctuates depending on the time of year and circumstances surrounding the drawings. The current jackpot amount is holding around €150 million. The highest recorded jackpot for the SuperEnalotto was €177.729 million. This was won back in 2010 by a syndicate of players who pooled their resources to win the colossal sum. The jackpot is the third biggest amount to be won by a European lottery to date.

The odds of winning the SuperEnalatto lotto game are 1 in 622.6 or 1 in 327 for winning any prize at all. These are not the best odds for an online lotto game, but they are decent odds especially when compared to some of the other official national lottery games available.

Jackpot rolls over until a winner is found
Official lotto, fully-regulated
Three weekly drawings