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Powerball Review

Powerball is one of the two largest lotto jackpot games in America and could be argued as the biggest lottery game in the world. The US Powerball holds the record for the biggest lottery jackpot prize ever, a cool $1.6 billion! It is a dual-drum lotto jackpot with the largest payouts of any lotto online or off. Players enjoy the frequent drawings and the fast pace that this exciting online lottery provides. The US Powerball has a minimum jackpot of $40,000,000 meaning that twice a week this is the least you can expect to win. With a minimum jackpot bigger than many other lottery draws would dream as their record jackpot, it is easy to see why this lottery is so popular.

Jackpot Size
Odds of Winning


5 / 69

1 bonus number

Playing the US Powerball lottery is easy – just follow these simple steps:


  • 1Go to one of our reliable online lottery agent sites, and select Powerball as your game of choice.
  • 2You can handpick 5 numbers from the 69 that appear on each card, or you can have the Quick Pick feature select numbers for you.
  • 3You can also choose a single Powerball number from the 26 available. This is like a bonus number that will increase your earnings if you win.
  • 4Standard numbers can be arranged in any order, so winning is even easier.
  • 5Powerball drawings are held bi-weekly on each Wednesday and Saturday night at exactly 10:59pm EST. Drawings are generally held in the Tallahassee Florida Lottery studio.

The US Powerball can be played domestically in any of the 44 American states that it is offered in, as well as in Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. If you aren’t within close proximity to any of these locations, there is still hope! You can utilize the convenient and fast tools from one of our trusted lotto online distributors to get US Powerball and the rest of your favorite online lottery tickets from anywhere in the world. If you decide that the US Powerball is the game you want to play, check out our brand review to see where you want to play!

$1.58 billion

Record Jackpot

The Powerball jackpot is the highest paying jackpots in the world. Currently the minimum annual Powerball lotto jackpot is $40 million. On January 13, 2016, a colossal moment in lotto history occurred when Powerball drew the largest lotto jackpot to date, climaxing to $1.586 billion. There were three winners who split the jackpot happily. Winners have the opportunity to collect their prize winnings all at once or over installments. The majority of jackpot winners choose the lump sum up front payment. However, remember that all those horror stories of winners who blew it all…took the up front payment!

The odds of winning any prize in the Powerball are about 1 in 25. These odds will change depending on the variables at play. For example, the addition of a Power Play ticket increases your chances of winning, while opting for the one red ball and no white ball match will lower your odds exponentially. The odds of winning the top prize in the US Powerball are around 1 in 292,000,000. If you want a guaranteed way to increase your chances there is no better technique than playing Group Games. Group Games share the risk without increasing the spend.

Largest payouts of any lotto online or off
Additional Power Play option that increases your winnings
Bi-weekly drawings that increase your fun and chances of winning

Powerball is an exciting lotto online game that you can enjoy from all over the world. In many ways the online lotto revolution has been the online Powerball revolution. Without the data to back it up, we are sure that the Powerball has been the main beneficiary of the online lottery as it has opened up the uber popular draw to the entire world. Check out how lottery ticket services are bringing thrilling lotto jackpot games like Powerball straight to your doorstep…or wherever your phone is!

The US Powerball is a game that all lottery enthusiasts are familiar with. Many players evolve beyond the Powerball as the odds are long and experienced players see less bang for the buck with the Powerball than they do with, for example, the Australian Lotteries.