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Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto, also known as Lotto Australia and previously called Super 7 Lotto, is Australia’s biggest lottery. Often having the largest jackpots in Australia, and now that players can play this lottery online, its popularity, and jackpot size has grown even further. The Oz Lotto is drawn every Tuesday night at 8:30pm AEST. Oz Lotto follows the same structure as many of the other Australian Lottos meaning that the jackpot prize will roll over until there has been a winner. For a per capita basis, it can be argued that Australia is the true home of the lottery – A draw almost every day down under!  The Oz Lotto has a record jackpot of $111,972,151 AUD.

Jackpot Size
Odds of Winning


7 / 45

2 bonus numbers

If you want to play lottery online but haven’t had much experience, then Oz Lotto is a great place to start. Here are the simple instructions to follow in order to cash in on this exciting lotto jackpot:


  • 1Players can select 7 numbers for their lottery ticket, along with 2 bonus numbers that can be used within the mix to increase the odds of winning.
  • 2You can also use the Quick Pick option that will auto-fill the cards for you.
  • 39 balls are chosen from the available 45 in the drum. This accounts for the 7 winning numbers and the 2 bonus numbers.
  • 4In order to win the Oz Lotto online lottery, players must match all 7 numbers on their cards with the winning numbers.

Oz Lotto

Play Online

One of the biggest pulls to the Oz Lotto is the convenience. While you can certainly purchase tickets at your local corner shop, Oz Lotto is also available for your comfort and relaxation via lottery online retailers that will buy, secure, and send lottery tickets directly for you. Lucky for you, if you’re looking for a online ticket provider, you’ve come to the right place: check out our brand reviews page to see the best online ticket providers out there and decide for yourself which one is for you.

$111 million

Record Jackpot

If you choose the right numbers, then you are looking at a $90 million lotto jackpot with this Australian lottery! The minimum prize pool is $2 million, so no matter what, someone is walking away a huge winner.

The odds of winning any prize from Lotto Australia are 1:85. These are pretty low odds compared to most other lottery online games, but the pot is always growing, so fans can expect the probability to swing more in their favour. Please note that odds of 1:85 are to win something from this lottery. The Oz Lotto odds for winning the jackpot are some of the lowest jackpot odds we have ever come across. Add to this the tax free status of winnings in this draw and it is easy to see why this is so popular.

High minimum jackpots
Fun lottery to play
Multiple game varieties available
Tax free winnings

With the Oz Lotto jackpot always climbing, players from all over the world can enjoy stupendous payouts all the time. Try your hand at this exciting lotto game – no need to head Down Under when you can simply purchase your lotto tickets from a reliable lotto dealer online today!