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Euro Jackpot Review

EuroJackpot is a Euro lottery that is available in several countries across the continent. The winning lotto jackpot begins at €10 million and climbs up to staggering heights if the prize is not claimed.



5 / 50

2 bonus numbers

The goal of playing the EuroJackpot is to match up 5 numbers out of the 50 provided. There are also 2 bonus numbers that can be chosen out of 10. Here’s how to play:


  • 1Hit any of the pre-approved Euro lottery distributors for online lottery tickets.
  • 2Select the EuroJackpot as your game of choice.
  • 3Choose 5 numbers out of the 50, and then select your 2 bonus numbers as well.
  • 4The trusted distributor will purchase the tickets for you, send you a copy via email, and confirm your purchase.
  • 5Wait for the drawing to see if you’ve won. Local fans can watch the drawing every Friday night at 21:00 local Helsinki time.

Europeans looking to play the EuroJackpot can find tickets in Croatia, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary.


If you don’t live in one of these countries, or if you just don’t feel like trekking out to the corner shop, there’s a more convenient option: you can play lottery online and get tickets from anywhere in the world using one of the respectable lotto online retailers right here. This way, you can get Euro lotto tickets any time of day or night.

€90 million

Record Jackpot

The EuroJackpot has a minimum lotto jackpot of €10 million, but there have been much higher recorded winnings, because frequently the prize isn’t claimed, pushing the jackpot higher and higher. The rollover can amount to up to €90 million, and this was the highest payout ever for the EuroJackpot. A lucky Czech Republic player hit this lotto jackpot on May 15, 2015. You could be the next winner!

The odds of winning the lowest EuroJackpot prize is 1:35. These odds are not as favourable as some of the other lottery online games such as Mega Millions. EuroJackpot payouts are generally more frequent, and there are 12 possible prizes that can be won every time the EuroJackpot is drawn.


While there isn’t any science to it, there are recorded “hot” and “cold” numbers for the EuroJackpot. 49 is the number chosen the most frequently, while 2, 3, and 42 are selected the least often. The Special Euro number that is drawn the most is 5, and 4 is drawn the least.

More frequent payouts
Better odds of winning
Available in 16 countries

EuroJackpot is a fun online lottery that is relatively easy to win too. Hop over to a reliable lotto ticket agency, and get started with this exciting online lotto game today!