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MyLottoPlace Lotto Ticket Service Review

MyLottoPlace is a quick and reliable service that allows members to play lottery online in the easiest way possible. Using their messenger service, players can access games from all over the world regardless of their actual physical location. MyLottoPlace takes the hassle out of major lotto jackpots, making the experience fun for everyone in an easy to navigate site.


MyLottoPlace receives your lotto ticket order, dispatches a courier to purchase the tickets as a legitimate messenger, and sends you a scanned copy of the ticket. So even if you are sitting in England, you can buy lottery tickets for the Mega Millions lotto that is run across the ocean in the US. Location is no longer going to stand in the way of you making your fortune or having some fun!

MyLottoPlace has a great UI that players find easy to enjoy. The clean website makes buying lottery tickets a snap, and checking results, finding information, and funding your account are equally smooth processes on MyLottoPlace.

MyLottoPlace uses strong encryption for all their webpages. The site is secured by Rapid SSL and GeoTrust, using at least 128-bit security, and even 256-bit for extra sensitive info. They have a top-rated reputation for being one of the most reliable authorized lotto ticket sellers on the Web.

MyLottoPlace offers new members up to $30 back on first deposit. This is a great offer considering many other sites won’t give members anything until they’ve accrued a certain amount of points.

Members can purchase lotto tickets using any of the more than fifty payment methods accepted including Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and Qiwi Wallet.

MyLottoPlace has chosen the most popular lottos around the world for you to enjoy at home. Check out what’s in store for you at this reliable ticket agency:

MyLottoPlace has one of the best customer support packages out there. In addition to having more extended business hours than most other lotto online sites (Sunday-Friday 7:00am-4:00pm) 24/7 phone calls and emails support, MyLottoPlace offers live chat, a rare but crucial customer support option in today’s day and age. Players can chat during MyLottoPlace’s extended business hours from Sunday-Friday 7:00am-4:00pm.

Bottom Line

In addition to being supported by all the major lottos making them a trusted lotto affiliate, MyLottoPlace has advanced customer support options, superior security, and a great welcome package to get you started. Discover the convenience of purchasing tickets from wherever you are in the world today.