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Lottosend Official Lotto Ticket Service Review

Lottosend is a popular online lottery ticket service that allows gamers access to some of the most exciting licensed lottery games online. A fresh approach to online lottery, Lottosend have created a user experience that is simple, pleasant to navigate and effective. In the world of online lottery many sites believe that more is better…Mr Online Lotto only agrees with that if the experience remains at a high level. Lottosend is a great example of Quality over Quantity*.

Here is our review of Lottosend, it’s services, site and features:


*addendum: Lottosend will be adding additional lottery draws in the near future. We received an update from them informing us of the timeframe and future draws. We appreciate the fact that Lottosend took time out of their day to let a review site Mr Online Lotto keep abreast with the latest that this company has to offer. It is just another example to us as to why this online lottery ticket provider has a great future ahead. Always diligent with its approach. As they say in England, the proof is in the pudding!

Software & User Experience
Customer Support

Lottosend’s messenger service is just what it sounds like. Players from around the world place requests for tickets to available lotto games across the globe. These messengers then purchase official tickets from legitimate lotto sellers on the player’s behalf. Once the transaction is completed, players receive a scanned copy of their lotto ticket on every single purchase, and for group game purchases they are given their secure share for play and for future reference. Everything is handled for them, and players can enjoy a greater variety of lotto jackpots and games from all over the world with just a few clicks.

The beauty here is that you can purchase official lotto tickets and rest assured that every single ticket game you play, you will receive a scanned copy of your official ticket. This is a great feature that all players can appreciate, especially new players who are just getting a feel for online lottery  and still like the idea of a physical ticket to view.

In short, Yes!

Lottosend recently updated their site and services. The new version looks great. Now the User Interface is even easier and more pleasant to use than it was previously. All games are clearly listed along with countdown tickers and the various options that a player can choose from for faster selection. The process is clearly spelled out on the homepage as well. Lottosend have kept it simple: rather than having every lottery available, Lottosend have chosen 12 of the most popular worldwide lotteries and focused on them – It is a choice I can appreciate, Lottosend have gone for quality over quantity and it works.

Lottosend is encrypted with 128-bit encryption to keep all transactions secure. Additionally, this reliable lotto agent does not share, sell, or pass on personal information to any third parties, so when you purchase tickets through Lottosend, you know you’re in the safe hands of one of the most respected, reliable authorized lotto ticket sellers. 

Lottosend’s  promos are attractive, and extremely competitive, especially for the industry. Their Welcome Bonus is a 100% back up to $30 – This is a great offer for first time players, simple and useful. This $30 Welcome Bonus is unrestricted and can be used on any lotto online, even better! Additionally, Lottosend offers up to 20% discounts on multi-draw games and up to 30% off by signing up to their subscription service, where you will continue to receive weekly offers!

Lottosend supports a tremendous number of payment methods, I counted 55 which is phenomenal. These include all the big boys such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club International as well as the e-wallets Skrill, Neteller and the more global options such as Monetaru, Qiwi, Bancontact, GE Money Bank, UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Garanti, Danske Bank, and of course the original bank transfer.

All payment methods are instantaneous (exclusive of bank transfers), incur no service fees, and are available for dollars, Euros, or pounds. It really is a robust solution to deposit, play & withdraw.

If you’re looking for phenomenal lottery tickets to the best lottos around the world, then look no further than LottoSend. This site has connections to some of the biggest lotto jackpots on Earth, and they’re all yours right now:

Lottosend’s customer support is something that has set it apart from its competitors in forums, discussions and feedback. Lottosend’s customer support answers calls during regular business hours Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm, and customers can expect a response to email inquiries within 4 hours. Their support staff are helpful, polite and often have the best deals to offer you – ones that have not been updated to the website yet. 

Additionally, their LiveChat program is multilingual and their response times are the best of anyone we have tried. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section that can help everyone from explaining what is online lottery gaming to more complex questions that might arise.

Bottom Line

Lottosend offers players a chance to access the greatest lotto games in the world including Mega Millions, Powerball, and Euro Millions – available for purchase regardless of your physical location. With a clean and fast interface, the website is a breeze & pleasure to maneuver. Fun bonuses and a quality service make using this site all the more fun. Plus, with a friendly and knowledgeable customer support and a top rated reputation, you know you’ll be buying your official lotto tickets from a fully reliable source. We highly recommend Lottosend to any lotto gamers looking for a pleasurable, secure, and worthwhile option for playing the lottery online.